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over it. i get screened for a dangerous condition many people don't even know they have. plus topper is tracking hurricane igor and the weather. tonight a bizarre neighborhood dispute turning traj i can. a man -- tragic. tonight a man who wanted to make his neighborhood safer was murdered. >> brittany morehouse talks to the neighbor as they try to make sense of it all. >> reporter: if you ask neighbors, this should be called safe drive street. it was steve car who lived here who lobbied for the four-way stop. >> he was an emt and he would hear the screech and the bang and he would be the first one on the scene every time. years later he lobbied and got this double yellow line.
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>> reporter: and most recently he pushed fora speed study which -- for a speed study which showed people were driving 50 miles an hour when the speed limit was 25. >> he's the reason why we have the double yellow line and the speed hump. i know this is all because of steve. >> reporter: but it may also be the foundation of a dispute between one neighbor, 44-year-old david patent, the same neighbor now charged with steve carr's murder. >> there was a lot of shots. and then all i heard was sirens. >> reporter: bob and his family say they watched police swarm the house sunday night. >> they had their guns drawn and pointed towards the woods and then we hear freeze, get on the ground. >> reporter: there they saw dave. >> they saw him on the ground and he had a large bag so we assume he was stealing stuff. >> reporter: but the bags only have zip ties and a revolver. the same zip ties he used to tie the hands of carr and his
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girlfriend. then he used the gun to shoot him to death. >> it was senseless. >> senseless and cruel. i'm so sad. >> reporter: again, that was brittany morehouse reporting. in june, dave patent was arresting for assaulting steven carr outside this home. his court date was set for this thursday. he is now charged with second degree murder and is in fairfax jail without bond. just hours from now polls will open and the mayor is in trouble. he is trailing. and tonight both men are chasing last minute votes and our own gary nurenberg was chasing both of them. he was on the campaign headquarters on 6th street to bring us up-to-date. >> reporter: you talk about in a few hours the polls are going to open. for many of the campaign workers on both sides, it's no sleep until the polls close tomorrow night. outside gray headquarters here, we asked why are you guys doing
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at this hour? the answer loading and unloading what appears to be hundreds of pounds of campaign literature. the blue signs presumably on their way to polling places where they can be displayed tomorrow. both campaigns working this to the very end. commuters at a southwest station. good reception. >> i think he's for the people. i think he will do a great job and i don't think he's going to make promises he can't keep. >> reporter: polls show gray leading even though the city has made progress under fenty. >> i have seen a lot of progress in dc. i just don't think it's been managed very well. >> reporter: gray says his is not an anti-fenty vote. >> i heard people who had that attitude actually transition to another place where they said i was really against fenty but now that i've heard gray i really support him. >> reporter: fair or not, fenty has been criticized to not paying enough attention to southeast. he planned to end the rally in
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ward eight. numerous civic improvements, the rap that he ignores southeast is unfair. >> he's one of us. >> does everybody here love go-go? >> yes. >> reporter: supporting donovan mcnabb's nume , they show him from behind. it doesn't matter what the experts say when you have heart, effort and you believe in what you're doing. >> i would say if you've got somebody in office who has a great record of getting things done, just like in any other job, keep that person in office. >> reporter: and everyone knows poll can be wrong. polls are not a reason to stay home because you think you're way ahead. polls are not a reason to stay home because you're way behind. the only poll that counts is the ones that come when the votes are accounted officially. derek and anita. >> well said. now to the race for county executive. a health care union is running a negative ad sheriff michael
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jackson. back in 2008 his deputies shot and killed two dogs during a misinformed drug raid. the service says that incident is one example of how jackson operates. the union isn't ignoring his many accomplishments. robert ehrlich is attempting to recapture the office he lost to current governor o'malley. sarah palin is backing brian murphy in tomorrow's gop primary. again, tomorrow is primary day. so get your maryland and dc voter guides. just go to and click on the extras tab under news. plus to find your local polling locations, just click on where you live. well, tonight dc voters do seem poised to perhaps deal
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adrian fenty. now, mayor fenty says his problems all stem from his abrasive style but his opponentses say, no, you lost us on the issues. the mayor is right. just look at the washington post poll from two weeks back and the two called right track, wrong track numbers. 59% of dc democrats said that the city is on the right track even as almost that many said mayor fenty must go. what the heck? that is just weird. one long time pollster i talked to says he's never seen anything like that before. but they say mayor fenty this time it is personal. and that is why the apologies and the new humble attitudes were the right idea, mr. mayor. but let's be real, three weeks before the election was just way too late. now, if things do not go your way tomorrow, mayor fenty, you may take a little comfort in the long view. i recall another promising chief executive who made mistakes bill clinton was voted out. but the next election he
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convinced the voter he deserved a second chance and as we know the rest is history. new at 11:00 tonight, a murder mystery involving a local businessman. police in florida say a 60-year-old was murdered. as our andrea mccarren reports, homicide detectives are now trying to figure out who killed the e-- ceo and why. >> reporter: sam lived in alexandria but traveled several times to florida. sunday night when he hadn't been heard from, a concerned 911 caller asked sheriff deputies to check on his welfare. they found him in his home murdered. >> it's been over 20 years since i've been here. i guess you have to be careful everywhere these days. >> reporter: in the quiet gated community where his florida home is located, residents were stunned to see a mobile crime lab and homicide
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investigators in their neighborhood. >> i don't know exactly what happened. >> reporter: do you think it would be safe inside a gated community? >> that's why i live here for safety. >> i was extremely surprised. i thought it was -- i thought it was maybe a movie set. >> reporter: detectives are not yet releasing how he was killed. pci is a communications and strategy firm with offices in alexandria and new york city. and tonight, del broko's grief stricken colleagues issued a statement saying they were shocked and saddened by the sudden lost of their president and ceo. company officials have no other comment while the police investigation is under way. anita. >> all right. thanks for that, andrea. we appreciate it. so how much will you and i be paying in taxes when we file next year? a lot depends on the outcome of a tug of war now getting intense between president obama and republicans in congress. republican leaders want to extend the bush tax cuts for everybody, including the country's wealthiest americans.
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today the president paid a visit to a fairfax county neighborhood and talked to a small crowd. he talked about the economy and also made his case for letting the bush tax cuts go. >> we're still in this wrestling match about the last 2-3% where on average we would be giving them $100,000 for people making a million dollars or more. and we just can't afford it. >> reporter: mr. obama only wants to extend the tax cuts for families earning less than 250,000. but if congress fails to pass any extension at all, the bush tax cuts will run out for every taxpayer. tonight still unclear what that muslim leader behind the supposed islamic cultural center near ground zero really plans to do. >> we are exploring all options as we speak right now. we are working through what will be a solution. >> he says his solution will diffuse the crisis, but he didn't tell us exactly what that solution would be. now, critics say the center
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would be too close to the site of the 9/11 terror attacks. but supporter of the center argue that neighborhood is already pretty mixed. there is an off track betting parlor down the street, as a matter of fact. the family of an american woman jailed in iran is asking that country to drop the bail being required for her release. iranian officials want a half million bucks in exchange for releasing sara short. her family says they just don't have that kind of money. short and her two friends were arrested last year while they were hiking along the iran-iraq border. they have been indicted on charges of spying. they say that is not true. no strings attached, that is a message from a california gas company offering $100 million fund for the victims of the massive pipeline gas explosion. this is video just seconds after the blast went off in san bruno, killing at least four people. it destroyed nearly 50 homes. the utility is now surveying other natural gas lines for potential problems. still ahead tonight.
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>> a house alert. join me as i get checked for a dangerous condition impacting 8 million people. and find out how you can get a free screening. that is coming up. 85 today. we'll take you without with the wakeup weather. getting ready to go to the poll. 58-68. breezy and cool. winds picking up 10-10. we'll talk about where hurricane igor is headed. hey, ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas? capital one bank. they're everywhere. ♪ yeah, you're right! [ horns honking ] hey, there's one right up the street.
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[ male announcer ] capital one bank. the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet? ove, go long!
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. several questions tonight after a police officer shot a dog dead in adam's more began. >> neighbors are still mad about it and they're arguing about how it went down. >> he shot the dog from here. he shoot a dog from here. not from there. he shoot a dog from here. >> you were across the street. >> you are lying. >> you need to shut up. >> you shut up. >> i'm not talking to you. i was hear when this happened. >> tempers flairing. this accident happened yesterday during a celebration and witnesses say two dogs on leeches got into a fight. they say that is when a dc canine officer stepped in to try to break it up. neighbors say the officer tossed one of the dogs down the stairwell and shot it.
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nobody else hurt. the dc department is now investigating. an armored car guard was conscious and breathing after he was shot in a face after an apparent robbery attempt. we're still trying to hear more about his current condition, but the shooting did happen this afternoon while the guard and his partner were making a pick up at a popeye's restaurant in southeast. it went down in the parking lot right in front of customers inside and we talked with one witness who did not want her face on tv. >> he just looked up, ran up on them and shot him. it was like he was trying to rob him but at the same time he was scared. >> it's not clear yet whether the shooter got any money. no word yet on a description. in tonight's health alert, a simple test that could save your life. most of us know when the arteries around our heart get blocked that causes trouble and even a possible heart attack. but what happens when blood vessels in other parts start to
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clog. it's called pad and it could be dangerous things to come. >> can people have it and not even know it? >> they can. >> reporter: this doctor is chief of vascular surgery at georgetown university hospital, which is not only sounding the alarm about pad, but offering to screen people for free. >> are you getting any swelling at all? >> no. >> no swelling. good. >> reporter: so who should consider getting tested. a capitol hill resident who started having worsening pain in his legs every time he tried to exercise. >> i was not able to go fast enough long enough to get my heart rate up beyond 110 which is not sufficient. >> it occurs when you walk and use the muscles and you get a cramping pain that can be very severe. >> reporter: the doctor says many people chalk this leg pain up to getting older. it can be foot ulcers that don't heal and if it gets bad enough loss of a limb. there are plenty of reasons not
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to ignore it. the screening is short and simple. complaring blood pressure in the arm -- comparing blood pressure in the arm with that in the legs. they look for a certain ratio that shows there is nothing hindering the blood from getting down to my feet and back to my heart again. fortunately mine are going strong. >> we want it to be between 1 and 1.3. so you're well within normal limits. >> reporter: what happens if you're not? doctors will tell you to give up cigarettes if you smoke and adopt a heart healthy lifestyle, because pad can be a red flag that other arteries in the heart or the brain are in danger too. >> there is a real lack of awareness about this condition. >> okay. the screening is this thursday, september 16th from 3:00-8:00 p.m. at georgetown. it is free. but they want people to make appointments by calling 202-342-2400. tomorrow morning at 6:12, i'll have more on our patient joseph who had severe pad and what doctors did to fix it.
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tonight the fbi is examining that massive blowout from bp's blownout well in the gulf. the five story device will be a key piece of evidence as we try to figure out what went wrong when the deep water horizon oil rig just blew up. the 350-ton metal contraption will be under constant guard in louisiana. if you remember, that disaster began back on april 20th killing 11 workers. an estimated 4.9 million barrels of oil leaked out before they could shut the rig down months later. to london now for a high flying spectacle today. a stunt man with a jet pack took to the skies. he did a little number in the air and then returned to the ground. that looks like a lot of fun. the event was part of a promotion no launch the next installment of the x box video game halo. excited? >> well, in case you don't know what he's wearing looks just like the main character in the halo games. >> shocker.
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>> that's what i needed was an explanation of what was really going on there. not a big halo fan. i don't know. [ laughing ] >> when he came back down, it was a pretty good landing. all right. cold front goes through tonight. i wish it had more moisture, it does not. here is the forecast. the next three days, a few clouds tomorrow. we'll call it partly cloudy, breezy. no reason not to get out and vote. 83 degrees. really nice on wednesday. 82. and now on thursday we do have a chance for some showers. temperatures go back into the low 80s around 80. we'll break down tomorrow. if you go and vote early, grab a little sweater and some shades. 66 to start. 78 by lunch time. a little breezy and very nice by evening. partly cloudy skies and temperatures about 82 as you head home. all right. overnight partly cloudy and cool. lows 56-64 downtown. winds have calmed down a little bit northwest at about ten. although they'll pick back up tomorrow. it will be breezy tomorrow northwest winds at 10-15 and partly cloudy with a cool start. 50s and 60s. by afternoon, though, very nice.
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partly cloudy, breezy and pleasant. high temps low 80s. winds northwest at 10-15. we were 85 today. two or three degrees cooler tomorrow which is just about average for us. high temps then 81 in gaithersburg. 82 in rockville. maybe even 83 in arlington. 83 or 82 downtown. 82 in college park. 80 out towards bowie and to the west low 80s also for fairfax and weston. leesburg also around 80. hurricane igor was a beast earlier. still a category three. probably going -- still category four with winds down to #140. winds were 150 at one point. it is still 115 miles from bermuda. it's going to encounter colder waters so it will take it down it a category two. but we're going to feel the swells as we did with hurricane danielle but the track keeps it away from us. next seven days, 83 tomorrow. nice. 82 on wednesday. some showers on thursday. temperatures still about 81. we're going to keep the chance
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for showers friday and saturday along with some sunshine. we're looking at 80 on sunday. we have a helmet up there because redskins are home again. 4:00 game against houston. you can watch it right here on channel nine. and warming up a little next week. back in the mid 80s on wednesday. >> all right. redskins games we're over that now. >> yes. and the ravens got to do something that every football team loves to do. they got to stick it to one of their former coaches rex ryan. ravens scored less than the redskins did and they won too. their defensive struggle against gangrene. plus a day after their opener, the skins celebrate the win but not so much their offense. and tennis history tonight for the man they call rafa. see how i rolled by r just like i was really from there.
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it's time for 9 sports with
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brett haber, the best sports in town. >> if you're a fan of how shall we put this points, you probably didn't want to watch the ravens play the jets tonight. they are two of the stinkiest defenses, both created by the same guy. rex ryan. he used to be the defensive coordinator of the ravens. this just before the half, one yard and a touchdown. ravens led 7-0 in the half. sanchez hits dustin keler here but he steps out of bounds before the first down marker. you have to reach for the orange thing right there and that is your ballgames. ravens take on and they hang on to win 10-0. as for the redskins, fans were beaming against the opening win over the cowboys. answer this question. if the holding penalty does n get called and the -- doesn't get called and the redskins lose without having scored a
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defensive touchdown, would you be beaming today? thankfully that hold did get called. you can't hide the fact that offensively the redskins were not good. just 89 rushing yards. mcnabb 15-32. plenty of room for improvement. >> to get a win in this league obviously says a lot. and, again, we have a long season ahead of us. we can't sit here and hype on this particular game. >> there is one thing that matters and that's finding a way to win. if you win, enjoy it. because it doesn't happen all of the time. >> good attitude. mean while still no explanation for haynesworth as to why he was sulinging like -- sulking like a little kid. in the history of ten, there are six men who have won the career grand slam. that is to say they have won all four major titles over the
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course of their careers. tonight we added number seven, raphael nadel finally lost a set tonight which hasn't happened all tournament. none of that matters. 6-4-5-7. nadeling his 9th grand slam. he is just 24. the nats in atlanta. getting roughed up in the second. derrek lee scores and then two batters later matt diaz does one better. he scores. they beat the nats 4-0. crystal langhorn named to the all lady terps team. she leads them to the playoffs. finally tonight congratulations to the four of us.
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but in actually, con gration lations to all of the -- congratulations to all of the people who participated in the triathlon on the potomac and roads in washington. athletes from 46 states and 16 countries braved the rain and got it done for the leukemia and lymphoma society which benefitted from all of the money and i was proud to be among those soaking wet and freezing cold at 4:00 in the morning. it was cool. it was a fun day. >> you had a good time? >> let me just tell you this, unlike the mayor, i finished. >> oh. >> i'm just saying. i ain't saying but i'm just saying. >> okay. leaving that out there, we'll be right back. ♪
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redskins. >> right. >> there you go. >> thanks for sticking around. >> don't forget you can always find us on for the latest news, weather, traffic and sports. letterman is next. good night. why is travel these days about what you give up
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